Green Wedding Plans

You don't have to be a bride to know that weddings can be expensive and planning one (especially if its your dream wedding) can be pretty taxing and tedious. Every aspect of your wedding should not be taken for granted and if you want to pull off every aspect with class, you need a couple of hundred of bucks. However, this does not necessarily mean that planning your big day should be highly dependent on your budget and that budget should be your primary consideration.

Everyone knows that when a large group of people comes together to eat and drink, there will be a lot of trash and waste everywhere. Now, if you are not just budget-savvy but eco-friendly as well, you would want to minimize the trash that you and your guests will accumulate for the entire duration of your wedding celebration. You can start from your invitation all the way down to your reception.

Saving on your waste can also mean a lot of savings for your budget. Saving on your expenses and accumulating less waste can also make very little damage to the environment. So if you support the green lifestyle and you want your wedding to sport that as well, then try to consider the following ideas. The following are green wedding ideas that do not sacrifice class and elegance.

Everything starts out with a plan so in order to have a green wedding. You need to be environmentally conscious all throughout the planning process of your wedding. If you intend to purchase a wedding planner, buy one that is made from recycled paper or at least download a wedding planner in your computer. Using any search engines, type in your keywords (i.e., free wedding planner download) and you will be provided with a list of sites where you can download this easy to use software.

If you are going to purchase anything online, ask them if they can send you the contracts online. A lot of vendors have actually harnessed the power of the internet to speed up their contracts using online fax and email. If they do accept contracts online, send yours using online fax so you can save a lot on paper.

Since weddings often have trial runs, it would be best to get these "practices" under control. Whenever possible, avoid getting color samples and extras (invitations, souvenir, RSVP cards and more) since these will simply end up in the trash. If you can help it, make your decision without necessarily overflowing your house with samples since these wastes a lot of resources. And instead of buying bridal magazines, view wedding gowns and concept weddings online. Actually, the internet has more samples than magazines.

There are also other things that you can do like holding your wedding in the garden (if the weather permits) to save on electricity and you can also ask your guests to toss bird seed instead of rice. Your programs, RSVP cards, invitation and date cards can be printed on recycled paper. There are a million more ways to save on your wedding and yet be environmentally conscious. It's all a matter of creativity and determination.

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