Wedding Ideas For Fall

A fall wedding can be just as romantic as any wedding held in the spring or summer. This season typically symbolizes renewal and could mean a new beginning for the happy couple. The colors of nature are changing from shades of green to beautiful and rich reds, oranges, yellows and browns. The colors and falling leaves that are symbolic of the season are all great wedding ideas for fall that you can take advantage of. Having a fall wedding does not require too much thought, just let nature be your inspiration.

If you want to get married in this nostalgic season, you need to come up with a wedding theme that is appropriate for this time of the year. Having a well thought out theme makes the rest of the wedding planning process a lot easier. The decorations, food, wedding favors, wedding cake, invitations, etc. will all revolve around the theme that you choose. Remember that this theme also requires the right colors, and for this particular season instead of pastels and light colors, deep rich colors should be used.

Wedding ideas for fall include a lot of unique seasonal decorations. Think creatively about all of the images that come to mind when referring to this season. Autumn leaves is a big one, the vibrant colors of the leaves can be used for decoration along the aisles of the wedding ceremony. It can also be incorporated into the centerpiece for the tables and design of the wedding cake. Grapevines and ferns are great alternatives for floral arrangements that are so common in the spring and summer months. Wherever your wedding takes place, the more foliage on the ground the better, it makes a great backdrop and would look amazing in photographs.

This season calls for dim lighting and rich aromas. As the weather starts to become chillier in the fall months, it evokes images of wood burning in an open fireplace. If no fireplace exists in the venue where the wedding is being held, then as an alternative use lots of candles. Not only does it create a very romantic effect to the atmosphere, the gorgeous yellow flame is another reminder of the season. Having scented candles that are reminiscent of autumn is even better. Use musky scents or sweet scents such as maple, cinnamon, vanilla and pumpkin to fill the room with wonderful smells.

A lot of great wedding ideas for fall revolves around food. There are many different kinds of foods that can be associated with this season. The meal you serve your guests can be hearty and full of flavor. Let's not forget about signature drinks such as hot apple cider or the assortment of desserts made with the delicious fruits of the season. As for your fall wedding cake, why not try carrot, pumpkin, or apple?

There are many more wedding ideas for fall that can be used to make this special event meaningful. With your unique creativeness, you can make your wedding colorful and idyllic in the fall season. It's truly a beautiful time of year to get married.

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