Wedding Dresses Plus Size

All women are different. It is not only body shape or coloring, our personalities are different, our likes and dislikes are different. Therefore, should we all have to wear the same type of dress to get married?

The answer is no. So when searching for a wedding gown, plus size women can choose something that suits them, not just in shape and fit, but also in their personal style.

I, for one am not a girl to wear a full length pretty wedding gown. I don't wear dresses and rarely wear a skirt, so why would I want to wear a dress to get married in. I got married in a long gold chinese style jacket and trousers. If I had worn a dress or even a skirt I would have felt uncomfortable all day and desperate to put on a pair of jeans. So think about what you wear.

The typical dress that we think of when someone mentions wedding gowns, is white full length with or without a train trailing behind. We also tend to think of beautiful flowers, lace, embroidery.... But this style may not be for you.

Today it is just as acceptable to wear a colored dress as it is to wear white. The modern bride may also consider wearing a tea length style rather than a full length wedding gown. It is even acceptable to wear a suit or trousers. If you are a plus size bride, or even an older bride, you may prefer to wear a simple tea-length style dress to show off shapely legs whilst hiding any excess pounds you carry on your upper body. A simple shape with a lace jacket can look particularly stunning.

If like me you, you want to hide your legs and don't like skirts, wear trousers. A simple classical suit in white can look amazing with a corsage of flowers on the lapel. You don't have to feel you are copying the boys, why not wear a corset underneath if you are happy to show off a little cleavage and flesh.

Don't forget not everyone suits wearing white, so there is no reason that you have to wear this typical color. Wear a bold color, or just break up a lighter dress with colored embroidery or trim. It is acceptable today to get married in any color you want. It is only relatively recently that women have worn white to get married. If you go back in history, women got married in their 'sunday best' whatever its color, they did not go out and buy a special white dress for the occasion. Also many other cultures and nationalities typically wear bright colors as a sign of celebration, which is what your wedding should be. Colored detail, whether embroidery or beading can either accentuate or draw attention away from any problem areas of your body. For example, detailing around the neckline can draw the eye upwards away from the hips, or detailing around the waist/hip area can disguise this larger area making it appear smaller. Even delicate or bold color trim on a sleeve or back can look amazing.

Before you decide, take a long hard look at yourself. Are you a romantic, who wants to wear the dreamy white satin & silk princess style gown? Are you a drama queen who wants to wear bright red, black or any other color? Are you classical and want to wear a simple long white satin gown? Are you like me, and prefer to wear a trouser suit?

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