Wedding Dress With an Oriental Flair

If you are looking for a unique and beautifully designed wedding dress, have you ever considered one of Oriental design? I have gone to several sites and found some exquisite dresses which are handmade and very different from any I have ever seen. What piqued my interest was when I went to a wedding last summer and the bride wore a beautifully designed dress. The bodice of the dress was fitted like a glove and the skirt was embroidered with little pearls. It was not an overly flared skirt but just enough to enhance the brides beautiful body shape. I was very impressed and inquired about where the dress was made which led me to research these lovely dresses.

I was very surprised to find such great quality and outstanding designs. I expected to find only dresses that were red and with a floral design of a smooth and shiny brocade. I knew that red was the color of good luck in the oriental community. Plus I had the impression that any dress made in the orient would have the usual neck line. I was thinking this way because the traditional bridal dress of the eastern cultures are so unlike the design of the bridal dresses of the western culture. It wasn't so much that the dresses I found had an Oriental flair. It was more about the unique design and quality that impressed me. The styles were so different and it seemed that the quality of fabrics are above standards.

What I found though completely surprised and delighted me. There were dresses that resembled something you may expect to see in the movie, Gone With The Wind, with all the layers and poufy sleeves and ribbons. Then there were dresses made of silk that was simple and elegant. There was also many classic dresses that you could find in any Bridal boutique but there seemed to be something so graceful about the way they presented. I found one with long sleeves made of lace. Another lovely one was organza and satin with a chiffon rose and a sweetheart neckline. Plus they are all custom fit to your figure.

I also found several oriental sites that offered many lovely wedding gown accessories. There were the long or short trains of different fabrics and some with pearls or embroidery. There were several hair ornaments with added pearls or flowers. You can also expect to find gloves of every length, petticoats, hair pins and even beautiful hairpins with matching earrings. Above all, these products are well designed for any style and reasonably priced for every budget.

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