Exotic Wedding Concepts

All types of wedding are similar in concept but the way one delivers it makes it different. Right, isn't it? An example would be a particular house. All houses are the same, what makes your different is the kind of atmosphere you have set on it. Same way when we talk about weddings. Therefore, no matter where your wedding will be held, the concept is still there, and that is marriage. So why not experiment on a way wherein you are able to save money and at the same time have the best exotic wedding of the year? Besides, the occasion is just once in your lifetime, so why not make the best and the most of it? If you have heard about exotic wedding concepts, this article will supplement you existing knowledge about it. You might have encountered a lot of wedding themes like outdoors concepts, but this exotic wedding theme that I will be sharing to you is something that is still not popular. If you like to try this concept, here is few of it.

   - Provincial Wedding Concept - This is one exotic wedding theme which became popular in the late early 90's. The decoration has a motif of provincial set-up while the guests are encouraged to wear what the couple suggests. Some of the most popular concepts under provincial wedding concepts are Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthani provincial concepts. The classic highlight of this theme is the wearing of popular bright colors with blending contrast. It does not suggest uniformity among all guests but the wearer is discouraged to wear dull colored outfits. The groom and bride's dresses are being suggested according to the concept and at the same time according to the motif.

  -  Hollywood wedding concept - this was popular in the 90s too. One cannot deny the fact that he or she wants to look like his favorite Hollywood star, right? This wedding is being surrounded with a lot of new movie tarpaulins especially designed for the benefit of the wedding's ambiance. This kind of concept is indeed considered one of a kind since memories that will be created in this concept is truly life worth keeping. A professional wedding planner is being hired in this concept and he or she is in charge of making everything in the proper flow and other considerations. Of course, the groom and the bride are being dressed like of a sensational star during the wedding ceremony.

  -  Sea wedding concept - this is quite similar to beach wedding concepts but the characteristics of a sea wedding is, it is being held in the sea like in a ferryboat, cruise, or in a floating cottage. It is something that is uncommon and I believe that this concept is truly remarkable. The ambiance consists of blue sea and some of the decorations. The decoration is not that extravagant since the main focus of the concept is to preserve the natural ambiance of the sea. So there is no need to pay thousands out of the decorations in this case. The concept might be sea-captain concept wherein the bride and the groom will dress like a sea-captain, etc. Not too formal and not too common.

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